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Auckland, New Zealand

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Download a map of the artwork featured in this video to take your own tour through the city.


In New Zealand’s North Island, the Maori culture is reclaiming its heritage with the help of a married couple named Janine & Charles Williams. As artists themselves, they remember spraying the walls of Auckland in their early years. When they later married and had 4 children together, they thought about art influencing and educating their streets, instead of just being a rebellious act.


Today they use their talents for the promotion of their indigenous culture and young artists. New Zealand birds, for example, played a vital role in the traditional Maori life, providing food for nourishment and feathers for adornment. The symbol of a bird is used as a metaphor for change in seasons and weather and is representative of the culture’s food and clothing. You will find giant murals all over the North Island, today, with this type of symbolism, bright colors, and a meaningful narrative.


Learn more about Janine and Charles:

All videos were directed, captured, edited and post-produced under the guidance of local regulations using industry standard COVID-compliance practices.


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