Intuitive analytics. Impactful insights.

To truly deliver impactful experiences, you need insight into what your customers are doing. Analysis Workspace is a new, easy-to-use interface that helps you visualize all your data. Just drag and drop different dimensions and elements onto a clean canvas so you — and everyone in your company — can get insights in an instant.

Adobe Analytics

Create user experiences that flow.

Easily visualize how your customers move through your sites and mobile apps. Overlay key metrics to further break down and explore user behavior, so you can keep improving on the user experience flow.

Identify high-value audience segments.

Uncover common behaviors and patterns among your best customers. Then, use those insights to better target and create even more valuable audience segments. 

Here’s what you can do with Analytics Analysis Workspace.

Ad hoc analysis.

Review billions of rows in seconds, so you can dig deep. And answer questions faster than you can ask them.

Flexible analysis.

Combine all your most important data measurements and turn them into unlimited breakdowns and comparisons.

Cohort analysis.

See how your customers interact with you to understand what is causing churn and retention.

Fallout analysis.

Use the conversion funnel segment builder to create new audiences of those who fall out at any stage, so you can improve future interactions.

Map visualization.

Graphically visualize your customer’s digital interactions in context of their location.

Anomaly detection.

With powerful machine learning from Adobe Sensei, Analytics helps you identify statistically significant spikes or dips across any metric.
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