Motion and UX animation made wonderfully easy.

Animate while you design.

Introduce movement as you iterate with Auto-Animate. Simply add motion effects, playful interactions, visual feedback, and smooth transitions — no coding or multiple tools required. Skip the learning curve and animate like a pro with a single click.

Smooth user flows — like it should be

Drag wires to connect artboards and leave the transitions to Auto-Animate.

Modern movement and interactivity

Pair it with Component States and add interactions like hover and toggle, scroll and swipe, pull-to-refresh, and more.

Delight users across every screen

Keep them engaged with captivating animated icons, loading sequences, and onboarding guides.

How it works.


Drag a wire to connect two artboards.

You can also transition between a component and a component state, like hover or toggle.

Select “Auto-Animate” as the Action.

Adjust and transition to your liking. You can also select a Trigger, such as tap, drag, or time.

Preview your prototype.

Preview your prototype. Click the play icon to preview your prototype. Trigger the transition and watch your animation come to life.

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