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Adobe Acrobat FAQ

We’re making shared collaboration on PDF documents free in Acrobat apps on desktop, online, and on mobile devices.


What does the Acrobat share and review feature do and how does it work?

This features allows you to upload a PDF document to Adobe Document Cloud and send it out for review to multiple recipients by entering their e-mail addresses. Recipients will receive a link to the PDF document and be able to view, add comments, and apply markup notations. For the review initiator, all feedback will be collected in one place. Learn more.


How do I access this feature?

On desktop: Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Online: Sign in to Acrobat with your Adobe ID.  
On mobile: Download the mobile app on Android from Google Play or on iOS from the Apple App Store

Why do I need to create an account?

To initiate reviews, you need to be signed in to your free account on desktop, online, or on your mobile device. Your account will let you access other free online services, including Fill & Sign, online file storage, and select PDF services.


Do recipients need an account or need to install the Acrobat apps?

No. Recipients will receive a link in their e-mail inbox.  When they click the link they will be taken into the online review via their web browser. They will be prompted to enter their name so that the reviewer can identify who is providing the feedback.


I am already a paid subscriber of Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro.  Does my subscription allow me to do more with this feature?

No.  The feature remains the same for paid customers.



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