Special programs and measures we’re taking to support you.


We are immediately implementing a number of customer-friendly programs intended to provide continued access to our products as the COVID-19 situation develops.

Students now have free, personal in-home access to Creative Cloud in place of their schools’ in-classroom licenses through July 6,  2020.


What is Adobe offering its education customers?

With heightened concern around COVID-19, many schools and universities worldwide are implementing disaster mitigation plans and closing their campuses for on-site classes. In response to this, Adobe is providing schools and universities that have had Creative Cloud access in on-site computer labs with temporary at-home licenses of Creative Cloud desktop apps for their students and faculty, at no additional cost. Access is being granted through July 6, 2020, though we may shorten or extend that date based on how the situation evolves. This will enable students to continue their learning remotely.


To which customers is Adobe extending this offer?

We are making this offer available to educational institutions that have been providing access to Creative Cloud in school lab environments and whose students will not be able to continue their work due to campus closures related to COVID-19.


What are the specifics of the offer?

We are enabling Creative Cloud desktop app access to students and faculty at schools with an existing institutional licensing plan (ETLA or VIP) by request only via a HelpX website. After the request is processed, anyone at the organization included as a user in the Adobe Admin Console will be able to log in to Adobe.com with the account the school’s admin provides. They can then proceed to download and use the Creative Cloud desktop apps they need on whatever device they are working from.


Which Creative Cloud apps will be available as part of this offer?

All desktop products that are part of a Creative Cloud All Apps plan will be available, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. Find the full list of desktop apps here.


Will services such as Creative Cloud Libraries, Adobe Fonts, and so on be available for temporary use at no additional cost?

No, only the Creative Cloud desktop apps will be available. Users will have the service entitlements associated with the account through the educational institution’s Admin Console. For example, if the admin provisioned the free Adobe Spark for Education license to a user, the user would have 2GB of storage, free Adobe Fonts, and so on.


Will all schools automatically receive free access?

No, access is being granted on an as-needed, by-request-only basis.


Which institutions are eligible?

Educational institutions (both K–12 and higher education) with active device-based licensing (Shared Device License, Device License, or Serial Deployment) through either ETLA or VIP buying programs are eligible. Adobe reserves the right to provide or deny access at its sole discretion.


Are there any geographic restrictions?

No, this is a global offer.


When and how can customers enable the offer?

School admins can request at-home access for their users via a HelpX form as of March 12, 2020. Once the request is processed, we will notify the admin and enable all users within the organization to access the Creative Cloud desktop apps, allowing them to download the apps and continue their work at home. We plan to provide access through July 6, 2020, though we may adjust this time period based on how the situation evolves.



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