Where photography and design meet: Add text to images in Adobe Photoshop.

Find the right typography, font size, and more with the premiere photo editing tool for handling all your graphic design needs.

Graphic design of the word "dream" underwater.

The photo editor that makes adding text simple.

Whether you’re putting inspirational quotes on stock photos, designing imagery for a website, or adding a text box with photo credits to your pictures, you can make it happen in Adobe Photoshop. You don’t have to limit yourself to the simplistic options of other editing apps. Photoshop’s comprehensive text editor gives you more tools and choices, which allow you to design and edit photos one at a time or in batches.


Ways to use the text tool in Photoshop.

Once you learn how to add text and shapes to your images, your ability to adjust text size, change text style, and add components like a watermark will open up a world of creative possibilities.

Enhance photos with text for print and web.

See how you can add text in informative and artistic ways to everything from postcards to websites. Build headlines, captions, and even text buttons to create beautiful designs that elevate your photos.

Make a photo vignette.

Add a vignette effect to draw the eye to a single subject, giving you ample space for adding text to eye-catching ads and posters.

Place text behind anything.

Draw attention to your subject by capturing this stylish text effect used in magazine editorials and movie posters.

Title of a park added to the top of an image of a dog standing in the park.

Use Shape layers to add graphics.

Create vector objects to add to an image with this feature. Then add text to these objects to replicate a text conversation or add talk bubbles to a photo — perfect for making JPG images you can share via any iPhone, Android, or Google Pixel photo app. 


Explore adding-text-to-photos inspiration.

How Witchoria adds surreal text to images.

See how this talented visual artist manipulates photos and adds glowing text to create a series of eerie, evocative art.

Coast line at dusk with the phrase "you awake?"

Find perfect poster fonts.

From concert flyers to community bulletins, discover different font packs that set an eye-popping mood and tone to posters.


Go deeper on movie poster design.

Explore how the typography of movie posters can help tell a story — and see how you can use this insight to better select the text style for your own projects.


Create an underwater text effect.

Grab a sample image of bubbles and use it to give text an underwater feel before adding it to any photo.


There are virtually endless ways for you to add text to photos to achieve intriguing, engaging, and stylish work. With guidance from these resources, you’re ready to begin practicing this technique and grow your skills. Then share your work on Behance to learn from, and be part of, an online community of creatives.

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