Ad Hoc Analysis

Features of Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc Analysis.

Features of Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc Analysis.

Find your most valuable visitor segments.

Ad Hoc Analysis within Adobe Analytics is the most powerful tool marketers have for instantly identifying high-value customer segments. You’ll have more control than ever over unlimited real-time visitor information, so you can drill down into the data to get precise, comprehensive views of your customers. And once you know exactly who your visitors are, you’ll also know where your greatest opportunities lie.





Multidimensional site analysis

Make connections between your customers’ nonlinear site navigations with charts that use color, size, position, movement, and volume to present complex and trending relationships. Use this data to improve site design, navigation, content layout, and conversion.

Unlimited real-time segmentation

Build concise visitor segments that can be compared to one another to identify new segments, insights, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Advanced reporting

Dynamically build and analyze online conversion processes on multiple pages with advanced fall-out reports, and apply customizable default settings for enhanced conversion and traffic reporting.

Multiple reports on one screen

Manage and conduct analysis of multiple reports on one screen, enabling side-by-side comparison without toggling between separate report tabs.

Reports for mobile segments

Use reports built specifically to observe mobile visitor behavior, such as comparing mobile conversion with web conversion and keyword search by mobile visitors versus web visitors.

Anomaly detection

The machine learning of Adobe Sensei allows Analytics to identify anomalies by spotting statistically significant spikes or dips across any metric.

“Our online analytics are no longer limited to general traffic numbers and click-through metrics. With Adobe Experience Cloud...we’re able to drill down to the smallest details to distinguish loyal visitors from casual ones, and then use the information to help convert casual visitors into loyal visitors.”
— Francis Lavelle, director of analytics for Discovery Communications

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