Finally, easier distribution.
Finally, a break for IT.

The Value Incentive Plan (VIP) provides license management tools for your organization, centralized control, and hassle-free compliance.

“With continuous updates of [Adobe] Creative Cloud, we now have a stable production environment free of program errors and file compatibility problems.”
— Kim Seung-ho, software engineer, SMARTSTUDY

VIP makes IT’s life easier.

VIP is a subscription licensing program that makes it convenient for organizations of all sizes to purchase, deploy and manage Adobe products.


Smooth deployment
Smooth deployment

Whether you must assign licenses to 3 or 300 employees, deployment and notification are a snap. To support flexible project management, you can easily assign and unassign users at any time.

Automatic compliance
Automatic compliance

Now you have built-in peace of mind. With the Admin Console, you always know how many licenses are deployed and who’s using them.

Predictable budgeting
Predictable budgeting

Lower your up-front costs with an annual membership that includes exclusive feature updates at no additional cost. Easily scale as your team grows, and leverage volume discounts for larger purchases.

Dedicated support
Dedicated support

Advanced 24/7 technical support helps ensure that your deployments keep running smoothly and your team members stay on task. Call or email at any time with your questions.

The Adobe Licensing Website makes license management easy.

You can easily track and manage software licenses for desktop products using the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS). Streamline record keeping and legal compliance. Gain quick access to serial numbers and product downloads. Run a variety of reports. 

Find the right program for your organization.

Adobe offers options beyond VIP. With an Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA), enterprises benefit from a customized three-year agreement. And organizations of all sizes can purchase perpetual products through the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) and Transactional Licensing Program (TLP).


Buying Programs support

Access the Admin Console for VIP and ETLA, and the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) for CLP, TLP and ETLA. And get the IT support you need, including FAQs, tutorials and contact with Adobe experts.

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A plan tailored for your unique enterprise-wide needs.

An ETLA is a three-year customized agreement designed for large organizations. VIP or ETLA makes it easy to deploy applications and services — per user, per group or across the enterprise — using centralized deployment tools. Named-user deployment through the Admin Console allows your organization to build customized deployment packages and apply the latest updates only when you’re ready.

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“With Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, we can provide the most innovative solutions to our teams and we can scale to meet the needs of our growing company, without cost being a barrier.”

— Kartic Srinivasan, senior vice president, 2adpro

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