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Get started quickly with high-quality content
You don’t need 3D expertise or expensive 3D software. With Fuse you can easily assemble your own human characters using a wide selection of body parts, hair choices, clothing items and clothing textures like leather, cotton, metal and plastic.
Customize your characters’ looks
Easily create the characters you imagine. Adjust details including the color of clothing, skin, eyes, hair and teeth; the texture of clothing; and the shape of clothing and bodies.
Pose, animate and more in Photoshop
Save your characters directly to your Creative Cloud Libraries, and then drag them into Adobe Photoshop to pose and move them thousands of different ways using the enhanced Properties panel. Fine-tune your characters’ movements even after you’ve placed them in a scene.
Save time with automatic resizing
When you change the size and proportion of a 3D character, clothing and textures adjust automatically.
Fine-tune faces and expressions
Easily change the proportions and contours of a 3D character’s face, and use simple sliders to adjust expressions based on a range of emotions.
Import your own content for more creative possibilities
Fuse is an open platform, so you can create body parts, clothing items and 3D texture maps in your own signature style and then bring them into the app to use with the existing 3D content.