Flexible photo sharing at your fingertips.

Share photos easily from your desktop, smartphone, or other mobile devices with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Edit and adjust images, then upload the photos you love straight to shared albums or social network sites.

Man at desk shares photos from his mobile device and desktop

All the sharing options for every need.

Access your cloud-storage library from any device. Then, post individual photos or groups of images to photo sharing sites like Google Photos or Flickr.

Share photos from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer

Share from anywhere.

Edit on desktop or the Lightroom mobile app and then post your work online or send it to friends and family anytime via your mobile device.

Export photos in many different formats

Export different formats.

Save and share in the best photo format for your project — from JPG to TIFF — and ensure you’re working with high-quality image files.

Uploading a photo of a scenic desert landscape

Versatile photo uploading.

Post new photos where you want them with tons of sharing options. For example, Amazon Prime members can upload photos right to Amazon Photos and Google users straight to the Google Photos app.

Compile numerous photos in albums you can share

Share one photo or an album.

Easily share single images, small batches, or full photo albums directly with friends, family, or colleagues. Get your own photos out there fast, no matter the quantity.


Make your process easier.

Move Lightroom work seamlessly across Adobe Creative Cloud. Plus, with ample cloud storage space, access your photo library anytime from any location.

Access more photo editing tools by bringing work into Adobe Photoshop

Increase your photo editing capabilities.

Quickly bring photos from Lightroom into Adobe Photoshop to access even more photo editing features.



Share work easily to Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Stock, and Behance

Upload your work to Adobe platforms.

Create a showcase of your work in Adobe Portfolio, share it alongside the creative community on Behance, or make money by offering images for sale through the Adobe Stock catalog.

How to share photos in Lightroom.

Use the cloud-based photo editing platform as your premier photo uploader.


Select your shots:

Open the image, photoset, or photo album you want to upload.


Pick a location:

Click the Share icon to access size and destination options for sharing your work.


Choose a size:

Pick the proper image size for your selected image or images.


Share the work:

Select the places you want to upload your photos to and send them out into the world.

Master your photo-sharing skills.

These Lightroom tutorials show you how to share everything from professional family photos to iPhone snaps.

Share photos from anywhere on a mobile device or tablet

Share from anywhere.

Explore how to quickly share photos with friends and family members from desktop or mobile.

Create photo galleries to showcase your work

Create a gallery.

Display your work in a slick web gallery that makes it easy to navigate through your favorite photo albums.

Edit photos on a mobile device

Edit on the go.

See how you can make photo edits on your phone and then save and share them online.

Export and save photos in different formats

Find the perfect format.

Explore different file types for your photos with this quick guide to file compression.  

Find the plan that’s right for you.

Lightroom (1TB)


Lightroom on desktop and mobile with other Creative Cloud services.

Photography (20GB)


Lightroom for desktop and mobile, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop on desktop and iPad.

Photography (1TB)


Lightroom on desktop and mobile and Lightroom Classic, plus Photoshop on desktop and iPad.