5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Target over Optimizely

5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Target over Optimizely
Adobe Target minimizes page load time so only one version of your page is being delivered, no matter how many activities are being conducted. A lean delivery leads to a better experience.
Go beyond A versus B testing. Adobe Target allows you to actually personalize experiences at scale. A robust testing environment — including automation — enables you to ramp up optimization efforts quickly.
Adobe Target extends experimentation by embedding Adobe Analytics natively, so you don’t have to deal with coding and other resource hogs. You get a single source of truth that drastically reduces data variance complications that can take additional time to reconcile.
You need a persistent progressive profile that can be shared across social, mobile, email, search, and paid teams. Adobe Target runs on a consistent ID, so you don’t struggle with siloed profiles that deliver fragmented customer experiences.
Adobe Target does security the right way, running experiments through our global network, making it easier to protect your sensitive information from hackers. A single, secure response means peace of mind.
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