Five Reasons Adobe Audience Manager is Better Than Salesforce DMP

Five Reasons Adobe Audience Manager is Better Than Salesforce DMP
Adobe Audience Manager is a complete DMP solution out of the box. No hidden costs for advanced segmentation, experience testing, new integrations, or data exports. And no black-box functionality. Audience Manager provides clearly documented technology and modeling methodologies, giving you added flexibility to achieve maximum value.
Identity Management.
Create consistent experiences across devices and channels with a persistent identity layer that gives you a unified view of your customers. No more limitations with cookie-based IDs. You’re able to target mobile-first and emerging platforms, so you can evolve into a meet-you-anywhere brand.
Real-Time Activation.
Great customer experiences need to happen instantly. Adobe has dozens of real-time data partners tightly integrated with Audience Manager, allowing you to avoid costly latency periods that disrupt customer experiences. And live, native integrations between Adobe Experience Cloud solutions make you quicker and more nimble — all while giving you a truly 360-degree customer view. 
Privacy by Design. 
Avoid data loss, data leakage, and compliance issues that can cost you dearly. Audience Manager received the highest score for data leakage protection, while Salesforce DMP earned the lowest. With Adobe, you get user-level management including preference settings and opt-out controls that safely ingest data and export data for activation. 
Time to Market.
You can’t afford to wait to get your DMP fully operational. Audience Manager offers built-in features and capabilities that would require costly, time consuming customizations or additional services with Salesforce DMP. No more delays achieving value from your investment while you wait days for data processing prior to your campaigns.
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