Five Reasons Adobe Campaign is Better Than Salesforce ExactTarget 

Five Reasons Adobe Campaign is Better Than Salesforce ExactTarget
Native Cross-Channel Capabilities.
Adobe has a deep legacy with cross-channel marketing. No need to spend valuable time and expense stitching together an email solution with PPC, mobile, POS, emerging technologies, or even non-digital channels. Adobe Campaign gives you more options to orchestrate campaigns within a single channel or across channels using natively integrated capabilities.
Better Customer View.
Don’t leave money on the table by marketing to incomplete customer profiles. Adobe Experience Cloud informs Campaign with more data, giving you a fuller, deeper understanding of your audiences. You can run campaigns using a single integrated view built on more than just email and CRM data. Go further with personalization using data from ads, web properties, IoT, and more.
Superior Email Optimization. 
Adobe Campaign runs natively with more powerful, predictive AI and machine-learning capabilities, enabling you to maximize your contextual marketing strategy. Add in Adobe Target, which allows you to vigorously test and optimize email offers and content, to get to the perfect customer experience without requiring third-party connectors.
Unparalleled Connectivity. 
Adobe Campaign sits within the broader integrated Adobe Experience Cloud, so you can do more — faster — from day one. Native connections between Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and other solutions lower total cost of ownership, increase efficiency, and empower you to run campaigns sooner. All in one fully integrated toolset. 
Better Experiences.
You’re informed with more analytics and better audience profiling, so you can deliver more relevant and more personalized experiences to your audiences. Don’t stay confined by “good” because you can’t link content to customer profiles or deliver seamless campaigns to email and video. You can expect more from Adobe.
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