Michael Dillon

Michael Dillon

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mike is anything but your typical general counsel. His distaste for acronym use and “legalese” drove him to rewrite Adobe’s contracts to plain English and develop a whole new writing style guide for the legal community. He oversees legal affairs, public policy and compliance interests by day, but outside the office, he’s an avid blogger, writer and adventurist. Given his love for writing, it may come as no surprise that Mike received bachelor’s degrees in communications and sociology from UC San Diego before getting his juris doctor degree from Santa Clara University.  
If Mike were not at Adobe, he’d like to be playing second baseman for the Oakland A’s.

Changing Adobe’s Legal Team from the Inside Out

Read how channeling the leadership style of famed NBA player John Stockton helped Mike navigate change in Adobe’s legal department during the company’s transition to the cloud.
Visit the Legal website to learn how the team is accelerating workflows and removing legalese from documentation.

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