Digital foundation

Build a digital foundation with Adobe.

Build a digital foundation with Adobe.

We help you to build a customer-focused digital transformation on a foundation of content, data and AI — so you can create individual customer experiences at scale.

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The advantage of a strong foundation

A digital foundation is a software-based content management system (CMS) that helps you to deliver the experiences customers expect with powerful digital technology. Here’s why a digital foundation is so valuable.

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Unified technology

It’s built with products that communicate and work together, uniting marketing teams to collaborate on and track customer interactions from start to finish.

Powerful personalisation

It breaks down barriers to make it easier to learn about audiences and interests, so you can engage them with relevant experiences across channels.

Cloud-based architecture

It operates in the cloud, supports traditional and emerging channels and speeds deployment with prebuilt connectors and frameworks.

The blueprint for a strong digital foundation

Whether you’re starting out on your digital transformation journey or you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’ve built the technology that will get you where you’re going. 

Create and manage content

Create and manage content

Start with content management

Create, publish and manage content quickly with a CMS that lets you deliver content across channels and start gathering data to refine the process.

Evolve with scale

Create individual experiences for each customer, no matter how complex your audience base is, with a cloud-native solution that offers scalability, security and agility.

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Integrate data

Integrate data

Start with consolidation

Collect data from all your multichannel and cross-device analytics with a powerful analytics engine that tracks interactions so you can offer relevant experiences to every audience segment.

Evolve with action

Pick up on hidden patterns in your customer data with a journey analytics tool that helps you to transform your data into insights at scale to get a clearer picture of what to do next.

Celebrating 10 years of analytics with 10 predictions for the future.

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Smooth journeys are built on strong digital foundations

According to Econsultancy’s 2020 Digital Trends report, marketers are making the customer journey a top priority for 2020, followed closely by targeting and personalisation. Download the full report to learn why.

Optimise and personalise

Optimise and personalise

Start with optimisation

Improve customer experiences across websites, single-page apps, mobile, email, offers or more with an optimisation tool that lets you test and hone experiences for higher conversion rates.

Evolve with personalisation

Deliver the best experience to every customer with a personalisation tool for all channels that lets you test and target automatically and at scale.

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Scale with integration

Connect your marketing systems with a robust data platform that connects all your data from all your sources to create unified profiles you can act on in real time.

Evolve with a single system

Bring your marketing and IT teams together on the same technology and platform to power your digital foundation with a united front that meets the needs of even millions of customers.

These customers built their digital foundations with Adobe

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We’re a Leader in digital experience platforms

Download the report to learn why Forrester named Adobe Experience Platform a Leader.

These customers built their digital foundations with Adobe

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