Marketing will love the flexibility.

You’ll love the time saved.

How does Experience Manager assist IT?

It helps IT quickly develop and deploy experiences across all marketing channels. IT can create content applications and deliver easy-to-use templates, designs and web components for marketers to use in their day-to-day digital marketing.

Gain control and flexibility.

Maintain control over your systems while empowering marketers to make controlled changes as needed.

Speed up deployment.

Quickly develop assets thanks to comprehensive tools and a wide variety of out-of-the-box components.

See how Adobe Experience Manager supports the needs of IT.


Open, standards-based
Integrate into any existing enterprise environment thanks to the open and standards-based frameworks and repository.
Agile development
Simplify development with templates, easy drag-and-drop configuration, automatic deployment and more.
Full mobile support
Develop across the leading mobile platforms available today. Out of the box, configure for feature phones, smartphones and touch phones.
Composite content applications
Set multiple blueprints to provide the best performance for publishing, maintaining and serving assets.
Cloud agility
Deploy marketing campaigns through Experience Manager from the cloud to speed up your work and save costs.

Experience Manager is powerful.

It’s even more powerful with Managed Services.

With Adobe as your single partner for hosting and support, you’ll get the help you to need, with the security you require and the flexibility you want — without the hassle and costs of going elsewhere to get it.