Design once, reuse everywhere.

Get to the bottom of

delightful design.

Create it once and reuse it everywhere. Components work intuitively to push changes across designs or documents, instantly. Spend less time duplicating and get back to iterating.

Find your groove, faster

Design once, push changes across all and save your energy for the good stuff.

Share from end-to-end

Work from a single library and share components across design systems.

One component, multiple states

Create different interactions for the same component, like hover for buttons or enabled for toggle switches.

How it works.


Design an UI element.

Use shapes, text and drawing tools to design buttons, modals, menus and more.

Design an UI element

Make a Component.

Select layers on your canvas, right click your selection and click Make Component.

Make a Component

Add States.

With your Component selected, click "+" to add additional states for different interactions.

Add States.

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