Audience value is about more than just eyeballs.

The data you collect from your customers is one of the most valuable assets you own. Gather it from all of your channels and use it to deliver the right message to the right customer in the most effective channel.

When new becomes standard, we make it new again.

Adobe has been named a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q4 2015. Read the report to find out why we were named a leader and how Adobe Audience Manager can help your business.

Map out each customer’s path to purchase.

The data you collect from your customers is one of the most valuable assets you own. Gather it from all of your channels and use it to deliver the right message to the right customer in the most effective channel.


  • Target users based on authenticated profiles and anonymous profiles.
  • Personalize the experience for a specific customer across their devices.
  • Build a device graph based on deterministic data.
  • Fine-tune the data in your segments based on different profiles.
  • Gain additional insight into your various audiences.
  • Combine profiles across multiple devices and channels to create a 360-degree profile.

Treat your customer data as the valuable resource that it is.

Digital channels are growing in use and influence and we help you manage the data they produce. Serve your customers better by collecting their data from every channel, seeing the story it tells, and using it to serve them the experience they’re looking for.
Organize your data
Ingest your first- and third-party, offline, online, and CRM data all together. Data driven marketing, delivered.
Create 360-degree profiles
Understand and market to your audiences through one, anonymous profile. Target with relevance.
Faster time to market
Direct integrations with Adobe Analytics mean easy maintenance, and eliminating reliance on third-party cookies.
Market responsibly
Set Data Export Controls to manage where your data is activated. Market responsibly with one click.
Scale with ease
An API Framework helps you easily develop and integrate Audience Manager into any of your other marketing solutions in a flexible and easy way.
Partner without hassles
Buy and sell second- and third-party data in Audience Marketplace. Prospect and build profiles like never before.
Customizable IDs
Incorporate your customer IDs through ID mappings and their associations. Use systems you’re already comfortable with.

Find the big opportunity with small segments.

Use rules to build audience segments based on visitor attributes such as behavior and demographics. As you isolate niche and high-value segments, you can serve them more personal and relevant content.

Segments you can act on.
Use customer data and traits from all of your channels to build, test, and activate high-value audiences.

Lookalike modeling.
Use your high-performing segments and traits to reach new high-value prospects that fit profiles through the use of lookalike modeling.

See recency and frequency.
Segment visitors based on their level of interest in a site, section, or offer based on how often or how recently they took a specific action.

There’s no limit to the audiences you can activate.

Combine, isolate, and create new audiences that are relevant to your marketing goals and strategies. Audience Manager integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions enable you to target site-side, off-site, and cross-channel segments. Destination Partners with S2S integrations means faster page loads.

Refine the accuracy and depth of audience understanding.

Use different reports — such as overlap and trend reports — to shed new light on the insights and tendencies of your audiences, and present you with new segments to consider. In addition to addressable audiences and frequency reporting, the reports include publisher reports, advertiser reports, campaign performance reports, RBAC reporting, and click redirects.

Addressable audiences.
Find the match rate between your segments and any S2S integration, to ensure that you’re reaching the intended audience.

Advance reporting features.
Bridge audience data and campaign performance insights so that impressions, clicks, conversion, and other data work in sync.

Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use-cases for best practices in Audience Manager.