Make every step count across the entire customer journey.
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Customers expect more than a one-size-fits-all experience. But with different solutions managing each channel, it’s difficult to deliver personal experiences that are consistent. You need a completely integrated system that lets you create personal experiences across every channel. All while giving you an accurate measurement of the impact of your campaigns.

Thomson Reuters wanted to be more than a publisher. They wanted to be a friend to their customers, delivering exactly what they want — how they want it. And with integrated marketing tools, they drove a 200 percent lift in subscription renewals and continue to exceed customer expectations today.

Coordinate customer journeys that increase loyalty.


You need to streamline your data and connect your online and offline channels. Plus, you’d like to deliver automated email campaigns triggered by actions — like abandoning an offer. Get to know each customer by creating dynamic profiles based on interactions with your content. You need a robust solution that allows you to map your customers’ journey from prospect to loyal customer and deliver engaging experiences along each touchpoint.



Adobe Campaign


Adobe can help. With Adobe Campaign, you can personalize campaigns across all your channels. And you can segment and target your customers with precision. By combining data from both online and offline sources, you get a single, integrated customer profile. This means you can deliver relevant messages across channels, letting you deliver triggered email campaigns while monitoring the performance of your cross-channel marketing. 



Deliver the right message with the right data.


You need to know how your marketing is performing to know how it can be improved. Which means you need a clear understanding of how your customers are interacting with your brand. Getting a clear picture of customer behavior requires an integrated system.



Adobe can help. Adobe Target makes it easy to test two versions of an email to see which one performs better. Adobe Analytics can deliver real-time insights across all your marketing channels. And because both solutions are integrated, you can send personalized emails according to your customers’ actions. 



Get to know your audience.


Understanding your audience is challenging if you have divided data. And delivering targeted emails based on common characteristics, such as age or purchasing frequency, is even more difficult. Your data can’t truly work together without completely integrated solutions.



Advertising Cloud and Audience Manager
Adobe can help. Adobe Audience Manager collects customer data from all your solutions to create unified audience profiles — so you can target the same customers through email, web, social, search, and mobile. And with Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can automatically send personal emails based on visitor behavior.


Build consistent mobile experiences without IT.


Developing a mobile site can be complicated and often requires the help of IT. But there’s a way to quickly build unified brand experiences for all screens and devices without depending on tech experts.



Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe can help. With Adobe Experience Manager, you can easily create consistent experiences for mobile, tablets, and desktops without writing code. And you won’t have to develop for each screen or device. Using the same content, Experience Manager creates sites and pages that automatically adjust to all devices.



Quickly develop engaging experiences.

Trying to manage your assets so that all the right people have access can slow down production. With all your approved assets in different places, the process becomes even more confusing.
Adobe Experience Manager
Adobe can help. Experience Manager lets you store and manage all your assets in one central location. Everyone in your company can quickly find approved assets to incorporate into experiences across every channel. Experience Manager makes it easy to deliver creative content to your customers.

A journey you design. 

With the integration of Adobe's Experience Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, marketing and sales efforts can now move in sync, engaging customers with consistent, personalized experiences every step of the way.

A journey customers won’t forget.

Today’s consumers want relevant experiences — no matter where they are in their journey. And they want that experience to move across channels. Delivering the best digital experience requires the right combination of data, insights, and digital content. Adobe Experience Cloud gives you all the tools to deliver personalized emails, test your content, and get deep insights into your customers.
Why Adobe.
In the past, to create such a unified digital marketing plan, you would need to cobble together a series of individual solutions. Today, Adobe Experience Cloud unifies all these tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration between analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.
Read Managing Anonymous and Authenticated Experiences Across the Customer Lifecycle.

Let data drive your experiences.

No matter the industry, data enhances your ability to engage customers. See how various industries benefit from data-driven marketing.