Contextual email marketing

Email marketers still struggle with streamlining data, automating multiple touchpoints, and connecting email with other digital channels. Adobe Campaign reinvents email marketing by allowing businesses to deliver more effective, contextual, and integrated campaigns.

See what contextual email marketing can do.

Centralized customer data

Combine data from both online and offline data into a single integrated customer profile. Use this insight to make sure your customers receive relevant messages.

Email automation

Use workflow design tools to manage data segmentation and cross-channel experiences to deliver automated and triggered email campaigns.

AI-powered email delivery

Using Adobe Sensei, Campaign predicts open rates and provides subject line recommendations for improved email performance.

JustAnswer builds a unified message with a unified tool.

Using Adobe Campaign, JustAnswer marketing teams achieve more with less. Find out how three employees were able to reach three million customers.
“Adobe Campaign provided an enterprise-class solution that could meet our needs and scale as campaigns become more sophisticated.”
— Kara Douglas, head of email marketing, JustAnswer

Contextual email is the next frontier of email marketing.

Our on-demand webinar features Adobe and Forrester experts discussing how to make email more personal and contextual in a way that gets consumers to act.

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