The insights you need. No statisticians required.

Easily customize reports to get actionable campaign insights. Make sense of customer data and improve marketing performance and efficiency — without data scientists or statisticians.

Analyze data

Manage, test, and analyze your insights without a data model expert with the easy-to-use, visually intuitive data analysis tool.

Build reports

Get meaningful insights from all customer interaction data in real time. View reports as lists, cross tabs, cubes, graphs, and more.

Customize dashboards

Use a customized dashboard to examine and monitor key performance indicators like budget and costs, delivery status, recipient activity, and campaign ROI.

Identify new opportunities

With all the insights and data, you can identify profitable marketing strategies and link specific actions to ROI.

Turn boring insights into beautiful results.

BP, a global oil and gas company, teams with Epsilon to target more U.S. drivers and deliver aross-channel campaigns with Adobe Campaign.
“Epsilon’s use of Adobe Campaign gives us seamless, cross-channel marketing insight that helps us stay engaged with loyal BP customers.”
— Jonathan Lee, Brand Communications Manager, BP

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