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Be seen. No matter where your customers are.

Consumers are shifting from traditional TV networks, choosing to get their entertainment content directly from suppliers like Hulu and Netflix. With over-the-top (OTT) becoming an increasingly important part of your content delivery mix, you need to quickly build and deliver video experiences to every device — including OTT and TVE. You need a comprehensive view of how your customers interact with your brand, so you can reach specific audiences to increase viewership and subscriptions. 


Personal experiences on every device. No complex coding.


You need to quickly build and deliver video experiences tailored for each viewer across every device — including OTT apps. You’d like to understand the makeup of your audience, so you can deliver targeted offers based on common characteristics like frequent viewers or a particular age group. You need an integrated solution that can use these audience profiles to insert dynamic ads into video content.




Adobe can help. Adobe Primetime lets you build and deliver high-quality video content that can be watched anytime, on any device. Adobe’s easy-to-use tools remove the complexity of TV Everywhere and OTT delivery. Adobe Audience Manager collects your customer data and creates unified audience segments — so you can target the same customers on web, social, search, and mobile. Using these profiles, you can deliver video content with dynamically targeted ads on any screen — including OTT and TVE devices — through integration with Adobe Primetime.



Know all your viewers. No matter the device.


It’s important to know how your viewers are interacting with video content on your sites and apps. This requires detailed data on authenticated viewers and those viewing your content on OTT apps. You need one integrated solution that provides these insights to improve your customer experiences — increasing subscriptions and brand loyalty.



Adobe Analytics
Adobe can help. Get real-time insights with Adobe Analytics. See what’s happening as your customers make decisions across the entire customer journey — wherever they’re interacting with your brand. Measure authenticated viewer engagement across all digital devices and platforms — including OTT and TVE.



Get a detailed view of each and every customer.


You’d like to get a comprehensive view of individual customers, but you can’t combine authenticated and anonymous data. When you have a solution that allows you to create profiles and audiences that you can use across all of your Adobe solutions, it’s easy.


Adobe Marketing Cloud


Adobe can help. With Adobe Marketing Cloud Core Services, you can see a complete, ever-expanding view of each customer using authenticated and anonymous data. With access to a common profile across any Adobe solution, you can create more personal experiences.


Premium video experiences. Delivered on every device. Built with one integrated solution.


Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you all the tools you need to quickly build and deliver high-quality video experiences to every device — including OTT and TVE. Quickly develop video experiences without complex coding. Deliver video content with dynamically targeted ads. Get a comprehensive picture of viewer behavior anywhere they interact with your brand. With Adobe Marketing Cloud, you can understand your audiences, deliver content on every platform, and take advantage of revenue opportunities.


Why Adobe.
In the past, to create such a unified digital marketing plan, you would need to cobble together a series of point solutions. Today, Adobe Marketing Cloud unifies all these marketing tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration with analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.

Add a little science to your marketing.
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Let data drive your experiences.

No matter the industry, data enhances your ability to engage customers. See how various industries benefit from data-driven marketing.
Personalize advertising in context.
Personalize advertising in context.
Activate and grow your audience.
Activate and grow your audience.
Engage audiences with apps.
Engage audiences with apps.