Document security you can trust.

With the move to digital documents, you have an opportunity to control and track how they’re being used, and know who’s using them. Digital rights management (DRM) in Adobe Experience Manager Forms proactively protects digital documents, showing you how they’re used throughout their lifecycle.

You've never seen document security like this.

Have full control over the security of your documents.

You can decide how much security and permission is needed on any document you create. Control who can access them and under what circumstances. Make changes to security settings at any point during the lifetime of the document, from its beginning all the way to archival.

Document encryption
Protect PDF and Microsoft Office documents with encryption that conforms to federal standards.

User authentication
Open or restrict document rights to individuals or groups based on authentication.

Security integration
Work within your existing user authentication or develop custom authentication through powerful APIs.

Confidentiality settings
Easily define what users or groups can do with the documents, such as copy, print, or view offline.

Dynamic policies
Change security policies at any time, even after the documents have been distributed.

Mobile access
Allow mobile users to access secure PDF documents with the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app.

Control your documents. At every point.

The convenience of secure digital documents allows you to observe and manage what’s going on with them at any time.
Audit logs
Record detailed audit logs of when, how, and where a user accesses a document.
Document updates
Update authorized users with the latest version of a document, even after it has been distributed.
Document revocation
Revoke access to documents at any time, even after they’ve been distributed.
Anomaly detection
Receive powerful data visualizations and detect anomalies through integration with Adobe Analytics.

Perfect security to go along with perfect weather.

See how San Diego County not only streamlines form-based processes, but then protects and stores their confidential documents.

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