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Forms, workflows, communications. Simplified.

Simple forms. Simpler workflows.

What is Experience Manager Forms?

It's an Experience Manager capability that helps you make form and document processes paperless, efficient, and automated. It transforms digital enrollment, onboarding, and ongoing communications into simple, streamlined experiences.

Improve service.

Offer mobile-optimized form and document experiences that simplify enrollment, increase engagement, and reduce turnaround time.

Increase agility and efficiency.

Easily build and manage consistent form and document collections. Then automate processes to reduce administrative tasks and errors.

Optimize the experience.

Use data and analytics to improve and personalize customer-facing enrollment and communications experiences.

See what makes up Experience Manager Forms.


Experience Manager is powerful.

It’s even more powerful with Managed Services.

With Adobe as your single partner for hosting and support, you’ll get the help you need, with the security you require and the flexibility you want — without the hassle and costs of going elsewhere to get it.



Fewer steps lead to more customers.

Nedbank used Experience Manager Forms to streamline its mission-critical processes, driving form completion from 33% to 80%.
Less steps lead to more customers.
"Adobe Experience Manager Forms was a major force in simplifying how we interact with customers. We can cut seven-step processes down to four steps with more control over each form. Additionally, we output completed forms to a PDF, giving the customer a copy to help ensure accuracy and add a layer of hands-on service."
— Lizelle Vaughan, Program Director for Digital Experience Management, Nedbank

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We’ve put together a spotlight that gives even deeper details about how you can use Forms to create, protect, and optimize your forms and documents.

Learn how to solve business problems.

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