Marketing campaign management

Marketing campaign management

Marketing campaigns lose their momentum when marketers struggle to manage different tools and systems for multichannel campaign delivery. With marketing campaign management, you can design, orchestrate, and launch your multichannel campaigns from a unified platform.

Marketing campaign management

Use templates for landing page and microsite creation.

Here’s the perfect middle ground everyone’s been waiting for. Marketers can deploy and manage unique pages using standard templates created by developers, and have access to the enterprise-class features of Adobe Experience Manager such as localization, advanced analytics, approval workflows, and access to digital assets. IT can build digital campaigns and deliver them as a package to marketers. And web developers reduce the time they spend building and delivering content, freed to focus resources on other needs.
Create extraordinary page designs for dynamic marketing campaigns.
Easily update marketing campaign content, copy, and assets at any time.
Access all digital assets from a single platform.
Quickly create calls to action on registration pages with analytics and tracking.
Import pages designed with standard web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Roll out campaign content to mobile devices.
Effectively personalize campaigns at the individual level with targeted content.

Easily integrate email into your campaigns.

Use the Adobe Campaign integration to create and deliver personalized email messages authored in Experience Manager. Also manage email templates, digital assets, and other marketing content to speed up the delivery of your email campaigns.

Experience Manager email integration capabilities include:
  • Personalized emails with advanced features that segment, track, and optimize email performance
  • Reuse of WCM components in email authoring
  • An integrated newsletter subscription process within landing pages and websites
  • Variable expansion for profile information
  • Create campaigns and emails directly in Adobe Experience Manager without having to switch to Adobe Campaign Standard for the most common operations: from the email/campaign creation to the validation of the content.

Add insight to your campaigns with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Experience Cloud provides a complete set of digital marketing solutions that make your campaigns more personal and effective. For instance, use Adobe Analytics to align email content with customers’ actions on your website. With Adobe Target, use A/B and multivariate versions of campaign elements to know what will get customers to act. Adobe Campaign will help you segment and target your customers with precision.
Designing, launching, and refining marketing campaigns has never been easier with these optimization features:
Simulation of targeting before campaign execution
Advanced targeting by segment or interest
WYSIWYG editing of targeted teasers
Support for A/B and multivariate testing
Leverage Adobe Analytics for advanced analytics and call-to-action tracking

Here are more tools to enhance your marketing campaign management.

Build strong customer relationships

Build strong customer profiles and improve conversion with out of the box Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Dyamics 365 integration.
Empower sales people with a complete view of customer interactions across the website and provide better customer experience by pre-populating customer information directly from CRM. integration

Integration and data sharing between Experience Manager and Salesforce help you gain insights to improve both sales and marketing efforts. You can automatically send and receive data from a Salesforce data store.
This integration gives you access to attributes stored in Salesforce, such as company, industry, location, leads source, and number employees. Use this information to personalize and target content to your customers.

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