Personalized Media

Customers expect your sites and apps to give them a more relevant and customized experience. Use Experience Manager Assets to offer personalized products or marketing messages, timesaving previews, and a visually rich experience.

Personalized Media

See how personalized media helps you cater to customers.

Media personalization

Deliver unique experiences tailored to individual consumers using one master asset. Define, test, and preview content variations and create dynamic media URLs. Modify layer content and properties on your page with dynamic media URL commands.

Product personalization

Help customers customize product options on your sites and apps. This lowers sampling, photography, and production costs. It also improves the product design process and reduces time to market.

Room & Board helps customers visualize their custom cabinets.

Learn how the furniture retailer improved online revenue by 152% by giving shoppers the opportunity to see their cabinets in different sizes, materials, and components.