Content as a Service

Mobile content management

Mobile customers are using a range of devices and channels, requiring brands to quickly adapt their content and experiences. Keeping up with customer is challenging, when you are using disparate tools to deliver consistent and connected experiences. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, marketers and developers can easily collaborate to create, manage, and deliver content and experiences across web, mobile, campaigns, IoTs, channels and screens. 

Mobile content management

Offer consistency across screens.

Build a responsive web experience that adjusts to all devices and provides consistent experience. Use the content as a service for reuse across mobile apps, custom displays, channels, and IoT extensions of your brand to deliver true connected experience through the customer journey.

Streamline content management.

Update content once for delivery to both web and mobile sites. Create responsive sites and pages without the need to write code.

Reuse across devices.

Easily deliver content as a service as JSON for consumption on any end point.

Simplify Content Authoring.

Use WYSIWYG editor to create and edit content models for each end point or reuse across multiple destinations.

Flexible formats.

Easily access repository for raw assets and content, or a group of content, or fully contained experience in any variety of formats.

Create and manage your content that goes beyond web, mobile, or IoT.

Mobile customer often engages with brand through multiple channels and devices. Use fluid experiences to design and deliver context relevant experiences on web, mobile web, mobile, app, IoT, chat and even voice powered devices.

Customizable and streamlined content updates.
Create content once as reuse in any form across any site, front-end, or device. Automatically update content across all end points.
Tailored experiences for each device.
Design different layouts and experiences for different mobile devices or deliver raw content for custom experiences designed for mobile apps, single page applications or IoTs.
Personalized experience in-context.
Use attitudinal, demographic, and behavioral data to create user segments and personalize experiences in the context of the channel and device.
An ability to preview before release.
Create content variations and preview in-context experience. Use the WYSIWYG interface to create and preview content models for headless usecases.

Here are more tools to help you manage mobile content.

Native and hybrid mobile apps
Manage content in native apps, or create and manage hybrid apps for distribution across platforms using fluid experiences.
Preview and edit Single Page Apps
Bring your SPA into Experience Manager. Make content edits and preview before delivering.
Integrated content delivery
Marketers can effortlessly update content across all digital assets without creating arduous cycles with IT.

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