Multisite and multilingual content management

Organizations spend too much time managing several sites and languages, with tools that may not work well together. With multisite management from Adobe Experience Manager Sites, you can control all your mobile and web properties, including emails, landing pages, and microsites, from a single solution with an easy-to-use, streamlined interface. Quickly modify content to make all your sites contextually relevant across geographies and audience segments, while maintaining consistency and brand identity.

Multisite and multilingual content management

See how Experience Manager helps you manage multiple sites.

Master templates

Create templates and reuse assets to keep your content consistent across all your digital properties.

Regional editing

Enable regional teams to edit and update content to account for local interests while still maintaining a global consistency.

Built-in website localization

Translate content into multiple languages using built-in processes and tools, to spread your global message more easily.

Flexible deployment options

Choose whether to deploy content through an on-premises or cloud option. Both are available.

Adobe Marketing Cloud integration

Sync with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign to give your customers personal experiences and measure campaign effectiveness.

Mobile experience management

Use touch-enabled authoring tools to create responsive design, adaptive mobile sites, and mobile applications.

See how Henkel streamlines support for its global web teams.

Learn how the manufacturer managed more than 90 websites in over 20 languages with Adobe’s help.
“Our modular ‘white label’ approach with Adobe Experience Manager balances global consistency and local flexibility. The approach clearly resonates with customers, as we’re seeing an increase in both page impressions and average viewing time.”
— Salima Douven, global head of digital strategies, Adhesive Technologies, Henkel


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