Everyone loves getting exactly what they want.

Present the kinds of relevant and personal experiences that keep your customers coming back.
A/B Testing
Easily set up and run tests — even several at the same time — to determine the best offers, messaging, and content.
AI-powered automation
 Personalize each visitor’s experience using automation and machine learning algorithms.
Enterprise Permissions
 Dynamically create workspaces for your teams, and manage roles and permissions for each member.
Mobile optimization
Reengage your app users with location-based targeting and by testing experiences.
Search-driven optimization


Understand what your customers want by seeing how they navigate through your site.
Targeted recommendations
Automatically deliver content and recommendations using historical and affinity data.

Data alone won’t help you. Understanding it will.

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Profiles and audiences

Create a single profile in Adobe Experience Cloud that you can share between solutions with the check of a box.

Multivariate testing

Use simple multivariate tests to get a clear understanding of the best opportunities for delivering targeted content.
Use preset or customized rules, including those defined by visitor location, to target content to a specific audience.

Analytics for Target

Sync customer data with Adobe Analytics for better targeting and more precise test filtering.

Adobe consulting services

Get best practices and industry-leading support from Adobe consultants.






Learn how to solve business problems.

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