No more target practice needed.

Marketer-driven targeting offers better accuracy.


Create targeted content rules, without coding.

Instantly target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on concrete, real-time data. Adobe Target gives you more out-of-the-box targeting rules than any other product, so you can immediately deliver the right content to your visitor segments — with little or no coding required.

Features of marketer-driven targeting.

Rules library
Access more customizable targeting rules out of the box than any other targeting solution.
Simple forms
Easy, form-based setup helps you quickly select and activate rules, or create your own.
Data integration
Use APIs to integrate Adobe Target insight with data from analytics, CRM, partner sites, and off-site sources.
Customer profile targeting
Upload customer profile data — from Adobe Target, CRM, analytics, and third-party sources — for more robust and progressive targeting.
Flexible geotargeting
Instantly know the location for each visitor and automatically target content based on local trends, activities, or weather.
Data sourcing
Automatically sync activities, insights, and segments for deep analyses based on segments and KPIs.
Auto allocation
Adobe Sensei's algorithms help Target automatically drive traffic, in real time, to the best performing experience.
Auto target
Target uses the machine learning of Adobe Sensei to automatically test and then target the best experience to your visitors.

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