Adobe Photoshop MasterClass

Adobe Photoshop MasterClass

Enhance your photo editing skills with this complete course on Adobe Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and graphic design software. This course teaches you how to create and enhance photographs, illustrations, design websites and mobile apps and much more.

About the course

Who is it for?

For advanced users of Adobe Photoshop who are looking to improve their skills in it and move to a higher level in terms of proficiency.

What does it cover? 

This course teaches you to improve your graphics through colours, exposure, contrast, sharpness and overall look. Additionally, you also learn to create seamless compositions by combining images and even add animations and videos to your designs.

Key modules

  • Layers essentials
  • Brush tool essentials
  • Essential and special transformations
  • Advanced selection techniques based on colour and contrast
  • Masking chapter introduction, non-destructive workflows and smart filters
  • Tonal, colour and contrast adjustments
  • Simple and advanced techniques for the clone stamp tool
  • Dodge and burn tools
  • Portrait retouching and photo restoration
  • Timeline panel for video layers

Let's talk about what Adobe Captivate Prime can do for your business

Let's talk about what
Adobe Captivate Prime can do for your business

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