Adobe, Amsterdam | Tuesday 24 March 2020 | 12:30-16:30

For marketing, business and technical managers

Digital Onboarding Experience

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Ready for the workshop Digital Onboarding Experience hosted by experts? Join us on 24 March 2020.
Today’s companies find themselves facing new challenges serving an increasing mobile and web-centric world. Consumers now also demand engaging experience in their online onboarding and self-service journeys. ‎That is where modern online forms solutions become relevant.
The workshop* is hosted by experts from Adobe and iDA Mediafoundry. The goal is to charge with inspiration and knowledge to start transforming your organization’s digital enrollment processes: onboarding and ongoing communications into simple streamlined experiences.
After general introductions the group will be split in technical and business users.
12.03.20 Thank you for your interest to attend the Digital Onboarding Experience workshop.  At Adobe, the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and community is our top priority. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to cancel this workshop for now. Already registered? We will contact you in person, to schedule a 1:1 meeting. Not registered yet? We will reschedule this workshop later this year. Stay tuned. Any questions up front? Feel free to contact us: Patricia Verbovsek, Machteld Elving






This workshop is a co-production with iDA Mediafoundry
24 March 2020
During the breakouts, you can watch the demos on the big screen, or collaborate on your own laptop. If you prefer the latter, don't forget to bring your laptop.
Hoogoorddreef 54-A
1101 BE Amsterdam
Non-technical breakout


Marketers and business managers will learn to create an end-to-end form application with Adobe Experience Manager. Build an enrollment form that is completely integrated with a business application and then deliver the form in a website as part of a customer enrollment process.
What you’ll learn:
  • Make form and document processes paperless, efficient and automated
  • Design an adaptive form using out-of-the-box components, themes and fragments
  • Integrate to a business application using out-of-the-box tools and connectors to pre-fill and submit forms
  • Embed forms in Experience Manager Sites pages
Technical breakout


For technical we will focus on the data-related aspects of AEM Forms. You will learn about saving/auto-saving forms and trigger an email with a link to the saved form using Adobe Campaign. We will discuss form prefilling and the submission of forms towards an external system. This session requires some familiarity with component development in Adobe Experience Manager.
What you’ll learn:
  • Data integration
  • Custom submit actions
  • Setup form prefilling
Christophe van Haeren, AEM Forms Product Lead at iDA Mediafoundry.
Rob In der Maur, consultant at Adobe
12:30 Sandwiches and drinks
13:00 Introduction: Make enrollment a strength, not a stress
13:45 Business and technical breakouts
16:00 Wrap-up
16:30 End
Seats are limited so please register now. We are looking most forward to welcome you.
*Attending the workshop will be free of charge.