Digital Briefing - Financial Services & Customer Experience

Thursday 13th October                                               

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This digital briefing explores the key trends, business challenges and opportunities that will affect the financial services industry over the coming years – covering topics such as personalisation and customer experience management across channels. This briefing will leave you with valuable insights and best practices on how to drive customer engagement,  conversion & loyalty throughout each phase of the customer journey. You will learn from recent cases as well as the possibilities of data management for online activation and next best offers for financial services companies.
Managing the journey: from unknown to known

Customer’s changing needs must not only be identified, but also predicted. Financial Services Industry (FSI) providers are in a unique position in this regard. FSI providers have an extensive range of data on each of their customer’s details, preferences and behaviours across a range of mediums. This data can be leveraged to personalise and optimise customer experiences, allowing FSI providers the opportunity to stay one step ahead of their customer’s needs.

With Ad Tech and Marketing Tech technologies converging, the opportunity presents itself to get a better grip on managing journeys end-to-end: from ‘unknown’ consumers to ‘known’ contacts and ultimately - to loyal customers. To help you understand how to manage each phase of the customer journey, we will touch upon the following questions during the briefing: 
  • You have a rich data set and advanced modelling, but how do you make it actionable in real-time?
  • How to be smart in programmatic preventing unintelligent retargeting, controlling viewability and frequency across touchpoints and maximizing marketing campaign ROI?
  • What are best practices for securely managing your own data and exchanging data with partners to further build your customer profiles?
  • As every banking & insurance client is different, how do you automate personalised experiences from across your prospect and customer databases in an omni-channel world?
  • How to manage interactions in real-time and activate next best offers through automated cross-channel campaigns?
Adobe Amsterdam Office
Hoogoorddreef 54A
1011 BE Amsterdam
Date: Thursday 13th October 
Time: 09:00 – 11:30 am
Contact Details: 
Hilde Hoornenborg

+31 20  6511 250



Michael Plimsoll
Michael Plimsoll, Industry Marketing Director, Adobe
Michael is a seasoned innovative marketer focused on driving efficiencies and improved return on investment through the better use of data and analytics. He is currently industry marketing director for Adobe in Europe. Prior to this, he worked at BSkyB where he was responsible for leading and implementing the strategy for optimising online sales through enhanced analytics and insights, such as attribution modelling and cross channel segmentation, targeting and personalisation. He was also responsible for improving BSkyB’s Audience Management capabilities, allowing the business to buy, target and re-target advertising in more efficient ways through the better use of its own data. Michael also oversaw the on-site Test & Learn program, delivering improved conversion rates through not only A/B and Multivariate Testing, but also on-site behavioural targeting.
Wouter van Geluwe
Wouter van Geluwe – Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe
Organisations have never had access to more data, but doing something useful with that to improve the bottom line proves to be extremely difficult.
Wouter his specialty is showing organisations how to be customer-data-driven and he firmly believes that when you see the light and start listening to your customers through their behaviour, the impact on you and your company will be incredible. At Adobe Wouter works as a technical pre-sales consultant focused on analytics, personalisation and data management platforms (DMP). 
Jérôme Nicolaes
Jérôme Nicolaes - Online Consultant - Loyalis
Jérôme Nicolaes is an Online Consultant at insurance company Loyalis. His main focus is to transform the organization into a pioneer when it comes to the world of online insurance. His strong technical background and his experience in Online Marketing makes him the ideal visionary for successfully achieving the set business targets via digital marketing channels. With the award winning case “Closed Loop Marketing” a new industry standard was set and continuous development on cross channel marketing has been the main priority ever since. 

Who is invited to join?

This session is intended for marketing and business leaders in the financial services and insurance industry that are working on data activation, online targeting, campaign management and customer experience. People in roles like digital director, commercial director, head of media, online marketing manager who think about gathering data from the end consumer and activating that to personalise experience across touchpoints should consider enrolling.





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