App Design with Adobe Xd_Intro

App Design with Adobe XD

Learn how to build interactive mobile apps and website prototypes with ease. This course familiarizes you with Adobe XD, Adobe’s dedicated tool for UX design.

About the course
Who is it for?
For those looking to create quick and easily functioning apps and website prototypes without writing a single line of code.
What does it cover? 
This course will walk you through all the features of Adobe XD, Adobe's new dedicated tool for UX design. You will learn how to create a wireframe, structure your pages, create compositions with several elements and much more.

Key modules

  • Intro on Adobe XD
  • Wireframing
  • Designing and gathering assets
  • Artboards and drawing shapes
  • Working with text and images
  • Drawing with the pen tool
  • Compositions of elements
  • Symbols