Simon Tate

President, Asia Pacific


Simon is a 20-year IT veteran with rich experience across a variety of business development and leadership roles in Asia Pacific. He has served on a number of advisory boards with technology companies in early stage funding, and holds copyright over the Professional 6© Risk Management Methodology, now used by an estimated 5,000+ B2B sales people globally.


Simon was born in Australia, grew up in South Africa and Zimbabwe, before completing his tertiary studies back in Australia - graduating in Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney. He has recently returned from Singapore and now lives in Sydney with his wife and two children.


Before joining Adobe, Simon worked with companies such as NetComm, Gateway Computers, Hummingbird/Opentext, Dell EMC, SAP, and Salesforce. The three values Simon has firmly anchored himself to through his career are: Fun, Family and Freedom.


He considers himself a Rugby ‘tragic’, a motorsport aficionado, and loves a day out boating with friends and family.

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