Digital Formats: Connected TV advertising

Watch what TV can do now.

Connected TV advertising lets you reach the on-demand audience. Digital viewers are turning away from traditional TV. But they’re not turning off their sets. Smart TVs, connected game consoles, and set-top boxes let them tune into their favorite shows whenever they want. With Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can reach them in-stream — before, during, or after their viewing sessions — with ads that behave just like television commercials. So you won’t miss out high-value audiences that have made the move to on-demand.

Make a meaningful connection with digital viewers.

Full screen advertising

Full-screen advertising

Deliver compelling, unskippable viewing experiences through internet-connected TVs.
High ad completion rates

High ad completion rates

Drive engagement with must-watch content using pre-, mid-, or post-roll ads.

Commercial-like returns

Commercial-like returns

Extend your traditional buy with streaming ads made for a digital-first audience.


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