How to crop photos and adjust image perspective in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Use cropping tools to make photos look stunning on desktop or mobile. Adjust the aspect ratio, fine-tune composition and straighten warped lines.

Cropping a photo of surfers below the Golden Gate bridge.

Crop an image to get your ideal composition.

Image cropping can improve a photo’s composition to help it to stand out. With the full range of photo cropping and geometric adjustment tools in Adobe Lightroom Classic, you can show the audience exactly what you want — or simply adjust the image size to better suit posting on social media platforms. Keep reading to learn more about the artistic and practical applications of cropping.


Adjust lines and aspect ratio like a pro.

Adjusting a photo for the "rule of thirds" in Lightroom.

Work with the rule of thirds.

When you pull up the image cropper and begin to adjust the cropping box, you’ll see a grid appear over your photo. This grid helps you to use the rule of thirds to improve your composition.

Rotation and Flip settings in Lightroom.

Flip and rotate photos.

In the Crop Image tools on mobile or Lightroom Classic, you can simply click certain icons to rotate photos or flip them horizontally or vertically.

Showcasing the Geometry tools in Lightroom Classic.

Auto level and dynamic skewing.

In Lightroom Classic, advanced geometric tools like auto-rotate and dynamic skewing will help you straighten out crooked horizon lines or architectural features.

How to use the Crop tool in Lightroom.

Crop pictures in batches to save time.

Copy your crop settings and apply them to multiple image files all at once in Lightroom Classic. Just copy and paste Develop Settings to a group of photos with the Crop settings selected to tackle a large batch.

Crop an image in Lightroom.

Follow these steps to crop a photo with Lightroom’s image tools.


Click the Crop tool in the column on the right. A crop box will appear around the photo.


Drag any edge of the crop box to resize it. For a customised crop, click the Lock icon to unlock proportions.


To crop to a common aspect ratio, such as 1 x 1 for a square crop, click the Aspect menu and choose a preset.


Click inside the crop box and drag to position the photo in the crop box. Press Enter or Return to finish the crop.

Easily use cropping tools on any device.

Access the most powerful capabilities for cropping images, straightening lines and skewing perspective with Lightroom Classic on desktop. And then try out Lightroom’s free mobile app, featuring a range of professional image tools to continue your work remotely.

Showcasing the Crop tool on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Crop, straighten lines and adjust perspective.

In these three short tutorials, you’ll see how to crop an image, straighten a crooked photo and adjust lines in architecture using the Upright controls in the Geometry panel.

Edit photos on-the-go.

With Lightroom’s free photo editor app, you can crop and edit your photos on your mobile device wherever you are. All edits you make on mobile will be synced with Lightroom to your desktop and vice versa.

Nailing composition, getting the aspect ratio just right and straightening crooked lines can all be done using an image cropping tool. Try making a so-so photo more striking with cropping tools in Lightroom.

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