Features of Adobe Analytics Real-time Web Analytics.


See visitor trends unfold right before your eyes.

Know what’s happening with your digital properties each and every second, so you can take action when it really counts. With Real-time Web Analytics within Adobe Analytics, you can react to live trends, change marketing tactics in an instant, quickly abandon campaigns that aren’t working and immediately capitalise on hot opportunities.





Real-time reports

Get second-to-second reports that are intuitive and self-updating, so it’s easy to see what’s happening with your visitors, right as it’s happening.

Live stream (data firehose)

Access the live stream of your digital marketing data using an array of real-time tools to quickly respond to actions, even when your visitors’ sessions are still live.

Real-time APIs

Create customised report views and insert real-time data into applications using the up-to-the-moment data in your reports.

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