Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics helps you to optimise your digital experiences, measure your marketing campaigns and drive deeper understanding of your customers from acquisition to loyalty.

Data Analytics

Extracting value from marketing analytics is challenging.


Transforming data to actionable insights can be overwhelming and you might encounter some challenges along the way.
Proving ROI from marketing activities.
Proving ROI from marketing activities.
Creating a unified customer profile.
Creating a unified customer profile.
Creating experiences customers love.
Creating experiences customers love.
Merging data from disparate sources.
Merging data from disparate sources.


Turn your marketing data into more meaningful relationships.


Marketing analytics lifts you from playing a hunch to acting with intelligence.


Gain a complete customer view.
Gain a complete customer view.
A marketing analytics solution connected to a data management platform helps track interactions and behaviours across mobile, web, off-line, partner and third-party channels, providing deeper insights about audiences and a 360-degree view of your customers.
Deliver more engaging experiences.
Deliver more engaging experiences.
Insights from built-in and ad hoc reporting help inform personalisation, allowing you to optimise content, offers, products and experiences in real time, providing a seamless, consistent customer journey over devices, locations, channels and time of day.
Measure your marketing activities.
Measure your marketing activities.
Marketing analytics measure customer activity across channels and devices, from acquisition to retention. Features such as customer attribution, anomaly detection and cohort analysis allow you to prove ROI and help direct marketing spend.
Enrich data and activate audiences.
Enrich data and activate audiences.
An integrated marketing analytics solution helps you to enrich behavioural data with off-line or third-party data to develop insights about campaigns and customers. These insights will fuel new audience discovery and can be used for activation.
Marketing Analytics
Adobe can help.
By using the strengths and capabilities of Adobe Analytics, you have the customer intelligence to deliver the best experiences at the right time. Discover new insights and manage the customer journey with a complete analytics toolset. 



A customer-first approach starts with actionable intelligence.


Find out how Adobe customers get more from their customer data using Adobe Analytics.
Aaron LeValley, VP of Digital Strategy and Analytics, AEG Sports


“With Adobe Analytics, we’re able to track all our online, mobile app, our website stats, so we can use that data to provide better strategies for our team.”
 — Aaron LeValley,
VP of Digital Strategy and Analytics, AEG Sports
David Williams, Head of Customer Intelligence, ASOS
“One of the key to sift through the data. The main reason for choosing Adobe was the capability to do segmentation, to do real-time reporting.”
— David Williams,
Head of Customer Intelligence, ASOS


Marketing Analytics FAQ.

How can marketing analytics help with my channel management?
You are better able to identify the best channels to reach your audiences and allocate marketing spend intelligently to maximise results.
Can I integrate all channel data into a single dashboard?
Yes. Adobe Analytics merges data from traditional digital and off-line sources, along with data from emerging channels such as IoT, to provide meaningful visualisations that can be shared between teams.
Marketing analytics sounds great, but how can I show it drives sales?
While attributing marketing experiences to sales remains challenging for many brands, analytics helps reveal key touchpoints, events and interactions that reveal the customer journey more clearly.
How is Adobe Analytics better than leading analytics solutions?
While some analytics solutions are very capable of providing actionable insights, Adobe Analytics goes one step further by using data science to move you from data collection to delivering insights that you can then act on.
Can marketing analytics help me to get ahead of my customers by anticipating future needs?
Yes, in some cases. Adobe Analytics uses data science capabilities to analyse and predict behaviours so you can automate the optimisation of future experiences, creating better engagements that can lead to higher conversions.
We use a lot of video. Can marketing analytics help to monetise our video channels and campaigns?
Yes. Adobe Analytics allows you to measure activity from mobile apps, mobile web, video and even off-line data. We capture and report on all your cross-channel data in one place, giving you greater ability to lift ad revenue and deliver video that will provide the biggest impact.

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