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Stock your shelves with high-value audiences.
More isn’t always better, except when it comes to high-value audiences. Marketers are asked to find more customers, but not just any old customer — ideal customers. To do this, you need to be able to see who your best customers are and know their attributes. But it’s hard to turn fragmented data into useful insights that fuel relevant customer experiences.


The more high value, the merrier.

Adobe can help


When it comes to finding more customers, analytics is key. You need a solution that lets you understand all your customer interactions. One that helps you to collect, measure and analyse data from every source. You then need to demonstrate programme success based on sales and revenue.


Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help.
 Adobe Analytics gives you the tools to understand and analyse all your customer data. It collects information and provides insights across mobile, web and other marketing channels. With Analytics, you can intelligently analyse your web and customer data from every channel, giving you a complete picture of how customers interact with your brand. It helps you to identify who you should be targeting and what the most relevant experiences are across all channels.


Formed from analytics. Perfected with integration.

Adobe can help


After you’ve made customer analytics your foundation, you need to be able to piece together and analyse all the disparate customer data sources. You need a platform that lets you use all your data to create rich customer profiles that help you to deliver relevant experiences across channels.


Adobe Target

Adobe can help.
 Adobe Audience Manager brings all your customer data into one, centralised solution. The data management platform (DMP) lets you collect both first- and third-party data, in one place, so you can create unique customer profiles and unified audience segments. You can then target and increase audiences across your preferred channels with relevant experiences, activating audiences with each customer’s preferred marketing stack. Audience Manager is flexible, agnostic and scalable.



Lots of customer data. One fully integrated solution.

Why Adobe?

The competition has never been more intense. To stay ahead, finding your high-value customers — and figuring out how to gain more — is a must. You need to make the audience you have addressable. Adobe Experience Cloud is the only platform that provides a complete, integrated set of solutions, including Analytics and Audience Manager. These solutions help you to create valuable audience profiles and use them in a competitively differentiated way.

Why Adobe.

Organisations need to find and expand high-value audiences to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. In the past, companies would cobble together a series of solutions to collect, analyse and respond to customer data. Today, Adobe Experience Cloud unifies all these marketing tools into one integrated solution. It gives you all the tools you need to deliver personalised, relevant and real-time experiences across all established and emerging channels.
Read The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q1 2016  to see why Adobe is a Leader in customer analytics and makes it easy to organise and analyse all your customer data.

Let data drive your experiences.

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