Warning! Your Adobe software is not genuine and may pose a risk to you, your work, your computer, and the data security of your organization.

If this software was purchased on your behalf:

Contact your manager or your company's IT Administrator to resolve this issue. You can also contact our Adobe Support Team to have one of our agents walk you through the process to resolve the issue yourself.
Call Adobe Support 0508 182 589

If you are the original purchaser or IT Administrator:

Please do the following to remove all non-genuine software from all affected computers:
  1. Uninstall all non-genuine software from all affected computers. You can find a list of all products that failed our test below.

  2. Replace with genuine Adobe software

Ignoring this issue, and continuing to use non-genuine software could expose you and your company to the following risks:

Lost Productivity
You will continue to receive notifications from Adobe, distracting you from your work and reducing your productivity.
Software Malfunctions
Your software may begin to malfunction and your working files may become corrupted and destroyed.
Limited Functionality
Adobe reserves the right to disable key features of your application.
Viruses and Malware
You may be exposed to viruses or spyware that could destroy or compromise your data
File Corruption
Your software may not function correctly, and may fail completely leading to loss of work.
Security Breach
Hackers will often build "back doors" to your network which leaves your business vulnerable.


We understand investing in software you can not use is frustrating.

We're here to help you affordably resolve this issue.


Looking for more options? Head over to our Plans & Pricing to view more.

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Adobe Software Diagnostic Testing Results

Adobe runs software diagnostic testing to check for non-genuine or counterfeit software.
You can view test results for your computer below.
Product Serial Number Licensing Status Tampered Software