How to add texture to an image in Photoshop:


Episode 1: Mark Conlan



1.     Select File > Open to open 'markconlan_plant.psd' template. 

2.     Press B to select brush tool. 

3.     Click  to choose your brush. In this video, Mark is using the Kyle Webster Gouache Round Bristly brush  

4.     Lower brush opacity to 10%To add extra effect, change brush blend mode to multiply

5.     Test blend modes to determine preference.   

6.     Click and Drag brush from the base of the plant as desired.

7.     Click File > Save to save final image.


TIP! If you have an Adobe account, you can download the new Kyle Webster brushes that Mark is using in this video to your Photoshop*. To do this:

1.     Press B to select brush tool.

2.     Click  to open the brushes panel

3.     Click  to open the drop down menu.

4.     Select ‘Get More Brushes’.

5.     A browser page will open where you can download the Kyle Webster brush sets of your choice.


*Note: a full license is required to download these brushes.

Download Mark Conlan's plant PSD template here: