How To Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop:


Episode 3: Joel



1.  Create a new document – for example 1080p x 720p.  Always choose the RGB colour space for social media assets

2.  Place your chosen images from your Photoshop Library into the file by clicking and dragging

3.  Open your Timeline palette by clicking Window > Timeline

4.  Click Create Video Timeline

5.  Click  to open More Options and select Set Timeline Frame Rate

6.  Select 15 frames per second

7.  Hover your mouse at end of each image and click and drag to adjust the length of each frame.  In this example Big Little Brush are doing 0.5 seconds for each image

8.  Drag each image so that they are one after the other in the timeline.  Make sure there are no gaps

9.  Press  to Play and see your animation in motion

10. Go to Set Playback Options and tick Loop Playback

11. Go to File > Select Export > Save For Web (Legacy)

12. Select GIF 128 Dithered and make sure you select Convert to sRGB

13. Hit Save


Now share across your social platforms and let your personality shine!