How To Make Your Own Personality Badges Using the Type on a Path Effect in Illustrator 


Episode 5: Joy



1.  Click File > New to create a new document.

2.  Create the shape of your badge by clicking  and choosing the Ellipse tool.

3.  Hold down shift to draw a perfect circle.

4.  Create a second circle by repeating the process of clicking  to select the Ellipse tool. 

5.  On the left toolbar hover over hover the Type Tool  and then click and hold until other type options show. Click  to select the Type on Path tool.

6.  Hover over your path and select your desired starting point for your text.

7.  Type out your slogan or phrase.

8.  Use the font menu at the top of the screen to personalise your text. *

9.  Align the position of the text to your initial badge shape by clicking  for the selection tool and selecting the centre point line and dragging to adjust.

10. Select your main circle and then chose the Color Picker at the bottom of your toolbar. Apply your chosen colours to the badge.

11. Select your type and repeat this process to add colour to your text.

12. For more quirk, add some personality in the centre with another shape, a photo or illustration.  Click on the shape tool at the side of the screen to insert a shape (here Joy uses a star) or go to file > open to import a photo.

13. Export for print or web.


*TIP!  If you have an Adobe account, you can look for typefaces that fit your personality in Typekit. Do this by clicking on the Character menu and clicking Add Fonts from Typekit. Select your preferred font by clicking sync. This will now be added across all your applications. A full license is required.