How to Photoshop a dog into your Tinder bio:


Episode 2: Chloe



1.   Select File > Open to open your Tinder profile picture.  Ensure profile picture size is 640x640

2.   Click File › Place Embedded and insert your dog picture on a new layer

3.   Click  to use the Quick Selection Tool

4.   Click Select and Mask at the top of the window

5.   Click the Select Subject button to select the dog

6.   If any part of the dog is not selected, click that area. You can resize the brush using the [ and ] keys

7.   If an area is selected that is not the dog, then Option (Alt) click it.

8.   To clean it up a bit click  to use the Refine Edge Brush Tool

9.   Paint around the edge of the dog if any fur areas aren’t selected correctly. You can resize the brush using the [ and ] keys

10.  Choose New Layer with Layer mask from the output options and click OK

11.  Choose the Move tool  and make sure Show Transform Controls is ticked in the menu bar

12.  Resize and move the dog until you are happy with its position

13.  Click  at the bottom of the layers tab and select Hue/Saturation to create an adjustment layer.

14.  Click  to link the adjustment layer to the single layer

15.  Adjust hue/saturation options within the adjustment layer properties panel until the dog colouring matches that of the profile image.

16.  Click File > Export > Save for Web.

17.  Set to .JPEG or .PNG file format, Set Quality to 100%, and Click Save.

Now let the matches roll in as you show off having a cute dog in your profile picture!