How To Create A Half Tone Image For Political Artwork in Photoshop


Episode 5: Joy



1.  Select File > Open and select an image of your choice

2.  Click Image > Mode > Grayscale to convert the image to Grayscale.

3.  Click Image > Mode > Bitmap to convert the image to a Bitmap.

4.  Choose the settings and output to 300ppi and use the dropdown menu to select Halftone screen.

5.  Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can change the output options and change the amount of dots per image. Lower the dots for a more stylised feel and a bigger number for more detail. Joy has set hers to 50 dots per inch. 

6.  Click Image > Mode > Grayscale to convert the image again to Grayscale.

7.  Click Image > Mode > RGB for digital or Image > Mode > CMYK for print

8.  Click  in the bottom right of the screen and select Solid Colour to add a fill colour of your choice.

9.  Select Multiply from the drop down in the Layers panel to apply the colour to your background. 

10. Click  to select the type tool from the left tool bar to type out your own personal statement.

11. Adjust the typeface and size using the dropdown menu and click  to select the Move tool to adjust the positioning of your text.

12. Export image


Now you have your own personal manifesto for a poster or profile picture for social media!