How to Make a ‘Pride’ Snapchat Geofilter in Photoshop:


Episode 2: Chloe



1.  Select File > New to create mobile file. Set file to W: 1080px x H: 1920px, RGB,
and72 pixels/inch.

2.  Select File > Place Embedded to insert PRIDE.png (or a logo/design of your choice) into canvas. 

3.  Click and Drag the image to position it in the desired area on the canvas.

4.  Click  to commit transform.

5.  Select Layer > New > Layer to create new layer.

6.  Go to the layers panel, and Drag new layer underneath of the logo layer.

7.  Press B to select brush. Make sure it is a round hard brush, and not soft-feathered brush.

8.  Select Colour in the right hand toolbar, and Click on the foreground colour box. Use to Eye Dropper Tool find the exact colours in the PRIDE logo for your brushClick OK.

9.  Go the layers panel, and ensure background layer is selected.

10. Press B again, and Dab the brush in dots behind PRIDE logo to create confetti. 

11. Click File > Export > Save for Web

12. Set to .PNG file format, and Click Save.

13. Upload saved image onto the Snapchat website.

Now you can create your own personalized Snapchat Geo Filters to use in any location you like!