How To Create Your Own Tote Bag Design in Illustrator:


Episode 3: Joel



1.  Download Big Little Brush's logos here

2.  Add them to your Creative Cloud Library. Go to Window > Libraries to open the Libraries panel and click Create New Library. Once you have named your new Library, drag and drop your logos to the Library

3.  Create a new document at 350 pixels (w) x 380pixels (h)

4.  Set the Colour Mode to RGB Colour (some printers use different settings so best to check with your specific printer if you’re unsure)

5.  In your new Photoshop Library right click on the logo you wish to use and select Place Copy

6.  Click and drag on the image to resize.  Resize it to something that feels right by
selecting a corner and dragging. Use Shift + Option / Alt to scale it

7.  Position it where you want. To make this easier, use the Align palette (Window > Align)

8.  To change the colours, click  to open the colour palette

9.  Select the colour you like

10. Click File > Save As

11. Select to save as a PDF

12. Choose high Quality Print from the presets dropdown menu

​Show your support in style this Plastic Free July!

Download Big Little Brush's designs here: