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Skill based learning
Skill-based learning
Quickly close skill gaps, develop new skills and track how skill enhancement impacts the on-the-job performance of your employees. Ensure that your training initiatives are completely aligned with business objectives.
Comprehensive Tracking
Comprehensive tracking
Automatically track all online learning activity such as assessments, course progress, skill-level attainment and learning status, to ensure accurate, hassle-free reporting.
Generate learner transcripts to track the learning history of individuals or teams. Managers and administrators can download transcript data and choose from predefined pivot tables to create reports on learning progress, course enrolment, completion details and skills achieved. 
Course effectiveness
Course-effectiveness ratings
Evaluate the effectiveness of learning programmes at increasing knowledge and capability and ensure that they are delivering on business objectives. Assess the impact of your training by recording learner feedback, test scores and manager inputs. Improve content quality with real learner feedback.


Scheduled notification
Scheduled notifications 
Allow managers to receive notifications for their team’s learning activities, including self-enrolment into courses, course and certification completion and escalation notifications for missed deadlines.
Role based reporting
Role-based reporting
Ensure that managers are always informed of their team’s progress. Set up common reporting formats that all managers can access. The reports will be populated only with the data of the respective team.


Report Builder
Report builder 
Use the powerful report builder to create 350+ customised reports on variables such as skills, completions and time spent. Zoom out for a summary or zoom in for more details.
User group reporting
User group reporting
Create customised user groups to get different views of learning data based on specified attributes. Track how different user groups, such as departments, external partners and roles, are performing vis-à-vis other user groups or their own learning objectives.

“The Adobe Captivate Prime interface lets us quickly roll out curricula with the skill and competency mapping that we needed to align with our business goals."Rick Ransome, Associate Director, Global Learning Strategy, Publicis Media’s DTI Practice
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“With Adobe Captivate Prime, we have a clear view of whether users are progressing. We can remind our customers about deadlines if we see users falling behind”."Ogidan, 3PL