Five Reasons to Choose Adobe Advertising Cloud over The Trade Desk

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Extended reach to meet audiences everywhere.
Only Adobe delivers true omnichannel capabilities by extending beyond native, mobile, audio, video, and connected TV to add seamless campaign management across social, search, and linear TV in one platform. Combine a holistic campaign view, unified measurement of all activity, and ad activation across channels from a single UI to optimize your cross-channel ad spend and maximize return.


Brand and performance wrapped up in one platform.
Adobe Advertising Cloud allows you to evolve from traditionally siloed objectives by executing on and measuring brand and performance KPIs holistically. Unifying teams and metrics helps you optimize campaigns quickly and target the right audiences, the best creative, and the most productive inventory at the most efficient price.


Data-driven personalization from high quality data.
Native integrations with Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics give you the confidence to roll out highly personalized ads. Better still, Adobe Sensei delivers AI-driven, automated personalization using persistent customer identifiers built on high data quality, allowing you to personalize ad experiences at scale.


Premium inventory that meets rigid quality standards.
Advertisers can bid on high-value inventory at scale without having to directly engage with premium publishers. And you get a media quality suite that helps ensure brand safety with pre-bid topic targeting, site mapping, contextual targeting, and more.


Creative merges with programmatic.
Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative breaks down silos between creative, data, and media, giving you more control over ad design features before pushing out to Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP. You can also quickly pull from Adobe Creative Cloud assets to deliver highly relevant ad messaging and experiences dynamically.

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